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The Adventures of Traveling Allan™ (continued):

6.  Exploring the Mall with B.J.
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[Above:  After the last time of exploring on his own, Allan™ agrees that it would be safer for him if he allow me to accompany him on his walks.
Early in the morning before anyone arrives would be best, we agree. 
We go upstairs to the food court in the mall and he begins to have a look around .  . .]

IMG_0961.jpg  IMG_0962.jpg
[Above:  Wow, it's a long way down!  Allan™ has a look downstairs from our table near the elevator that will soon be torn down.
Then he has a look down the hallway near the upstairs food court.]

IMG_0963.JPG  IMG_0964.jpg
[Above:  Back down on the first floor now, we're outside of Starbucks Coffee and Pinkberry. . . .]

IMG_0965.jpg  IMG_0966.jpg
[Above:  Might as well use this couch while we're waiting!  Hey look, they are setting up a fancy car exhibit right outside Lord and Taylor's!]

IMG_0989.jpg  IMG_1036.jpg
[Above:  Here we are in the downstairs food court of the mall where Allan™ has a good look around.]

Allan:  Hi everyone.  This might turn out to be a pretty large section of my blog, depending on how much of the mall we explore.  Boy, is this a HUGE place.  I can't even imagine walking it all.  B.J. and I have only begun to explore it.  In the mornings before going to the store to report for work, she has breakfast and does some work on her computer.  I didn't know this, but she runs some of the largest music discographies in the world and has been doing that since 1999.  Anyway, after the last time of me exploring her office and break room on my own, I decided that it would probably be safer for me if she accompany me to some places of interest in the mall where she works. . . . 

First, we went upstairs to the food court area and hallways.  There is a ton of construction going on in this mall right now.  But (except for the construction), it's very nice looking up here and I had a great view of everything.  Next, I'd like to take a look at some stores before people begin to come into the mall. . . .  First, we went to Starbucks to get something to drink and breakfast except they weren't quite open yet, so we had a seat on the couch and waited.  There was a Pinkberry Yogurt stand across from Starbucks and some nice jewelry stores as well, but those were still all closed.  While we were waiting, they were setting up a Porsche car exhibit in the lobby.  Cars sure have changed since 1964!

We then walked down to the downstairs food court of this mall where I looked at all the eating places there were.  Trying to decide what I will get for lunch here...!  They even have a tv and a fake fireplace.

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