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Allan™ and Midge™

What was Allan's role in Barbie's world?

In 1964, Mattel created Allan™ as a best friend for Ken™, in the same way that Midge™ was a best friend for Barbie™.  Allan™ was the same size as Ken™, so he could wear all Ken's clothes, in the same way that Midge™ could wear all of Barbie's clothes.  When Allan™ debuted, the lettering on the costume boxes changed from "Teen Aged Fashions for Ken™ Barbie's Boyfriend™" to "Tailored fashions for Ken™ and Allan™".  Allan's picture was included on the side of the box as well as the costume box back to illustrate that he could wear the outfit as well.  It is also widely believed that Allan™ was created to give Midge™ a boyfriend / love interest.  Prior to Allan's arrival, Midge™ always hung out with Barbie™ and Ken™.  While this threesome was very popular and did lots of activities together (witness the Random House storybooks featuring Barbie™, Ken™ and Midge™ as well as their photos together on the various Mattel fashion booklets), I'm sure Barbie™ and Ken™ were quite relieved when Allan™ came along to make two happy couples replace a tag-along situation!

[Above:  The original Ken™ outfit box back, 1961]

Ken_Allan_Packaging_03.jpg  IMG_1068.jpg
[Above:  Two differently sized costume boxes featuring Allan™ on the back.]

[Above:  Sides of the costume boxes noting the change in wording once Allan™ came on the scene!  They weren't just Ken's clothes any longer...]

Reverse_of_PAK_1964.jpg  BestFootForward.png  1964_PAK_At_Ease_03a.jpg
[Above:  Allan's name featured on the front and back of Mattel's Fashion Pak clothes and accessories.]

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