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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)

Dolls, outfits and dioramas (continued):  Out For An Evening. . .
IMG_1283.JPG  IMG_1381.jpg
[Above and below:  Several of the dolls decide to go out for the evening; maybe dinner and a show downtown . . .
They're anxious to get going, but stopped long enough for us to take these photos!]

IMG_1273.jpg  IMG_1271.jpg  IMG_1272.jpg 

IMG_1274.jpg  IMG_1277.jpg  IMG_1279.jpg

  IMG_1278.jpg  IMG_1377.jpg  IMG_1280.jpg   

IMG_1378.jpg  IMG_1380.png

IMG_1384.jpg  IMG_1379.jpg

IMG_1383.jpg  IMG_1382.jpg

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