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What to look for in a NRFB (Never Removed From Box) Allan™ doll:

Prices for an NRFB (Never Removed From Box) Allan™ doll on eBay vary pretty widely, but generally you are not going to get a true NRFB doll for a Buy It Now price of under a hundred dollars (as of early 2015).  If you get lucky in an auction (as I did once), you can pick up a very nice one for under that price, but it's not the norm.  Obviously as time goes on, this value is going to go up.  Obviously with an NRFB doll, it should be pristine, clean and free of any marks; the cardboard inserts should be firm and sturdy; the clothes should be mint and crisp and not have that "played with" look to them.  Fashion Booklet should still be sealed in cellophane with the doll's shoes enclosed in it.

Here are some things to look for in an NRFB Allan™ doll.  You'd be surprised how many sellers on eBay are selling these dolls that are not truly NRFB!

This is NOT an NRFB doll:

[Above:  It may look NRFB, but it is missing the bottom cardboard support that the doll's legs go through.  Judging from the position of the doll in the box (and its wrist tag), this doll has been removed from the box and then put back into the box.]

[Above:  This is not NRFB, even without seeing the rest of what's in the box.  The top cardboard support should be down on the shoulders of the doll, not around the neck!  This doll has also been removed and put back into the box.]

[Above:  This seller is really pulling a fast one on an unsuspecting buyer.  They've replaced both cardboard supports with ones that are used for Barbie™ and Midge™!  The top one isn't even on the doll's shoulders because it's meant to have the arms put through it. 
In addition, the booklet and sandals are out of the sealed cellophane, and the wrong Fashion Booklet is included.  No wrist tag is on the doll, either.  Definitely not NRFB!]

[Above:  Someone here took this doll out of the box and then put it back in.  You can tell because the black wire stand is upside down. 
That's really the only thing wrong here, but it still means the doll has been taken out of the box.]

This IS an NRFB doll:

BID_NRFB-ALLAN.JPG  Correct-top-cardboard.JPG  IMG_0540.JPG
[Above:  Everything is in order here. 
The only thing negative is that the graphics on the top lid are marred in several places and for me, this would take away from the aesthetics of the purchase. 
But the inside is perfect.]

[Above:  An NRFB Bendleg Allan from 1965, pretty hard to find in this condition!]

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