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Why I like this doll and "My Allans" (Photo Gallery)

When I was 10 yrs. old, I had a Barbie™, Ken™, & Skipper™.  One Barbie™ and one Ken™ case held everyone and their clothes.  I also got the Barbie™ and Ken™ Little Theatre for Christmas one year.  I knew about Midge™ but never happened to own one.  Unfortunately, I never ever knew about Allan™ until I became a collector, decades later.  Somehow in my youth, he had escaped me.  Ken™ was always my favorite doll since I had him first and he remained my favorite - until I saw Allan™ for the first time.  Allan's cuteness, coloring and personality won me over.  Even though I collect most of the Barbie™ family made from 1959-1966, Allan™ is my most numerous doll and the one I always refer to as my favorite.

Below are some photos I have taken of my dolls in various storylines.  Sometimes there isn't a storyline at all, I just want to take a photo of them!

Dolls, outfits and dioramas:
Allan-sleeperset.JPG 1962-Barbie-Booklet-Sleeper-Set.jpg
[Above:  Allan™ in Ken's "Sleeper Set" pajamas, with his alarm clock and late nite snack of milk and cinnamon roll / honey bun. 
The Mattel Fashion Booklet calls it a "sugar bun".  The "big alarm clock" is the same one that comes with Barbie's pajamas.
Note also that in the Fashion Booklet, the outfit was pictured with short sleeves.]


[Above:  Reproduction Allan™ and Original Allan™ hang out together cheering for their respective schools!]

[Above:  Assorted Kens and Allans listen to the big game strategy for the day's game at State U!]

IMG_0408.JPG   IMG_0242.JPG 
[Above:  The head of the cheerleading squad at State U rallies some fraternity brothers together at halftime! 
Next to that scene a double date is taking place for a weekend brunch!]

IMG_0513.JPG    Red-handmade-sweater.JPG  IMG_2343.jpg
[Above:  Five Allans get together to compare notes on their respective schools!  This could get heated.
Next, a handsome Allan™ shows off a red handmade sweater. 
On the right, Barbie™ is late to a Fashion Editor meeting and Ken™ offers to drive her in his Hot Rod!]

Camera.jpg  RovinReporter.PNG  Rovin-2.JPG  IMG_2380.JPG
[Above left:  Allan™modeling the "Rovin' Reporter" red, white and blue suit!  Hey Allan™, you forgot your camera!
Above right:  Barbie™ is confronted with a modern Ken™ and thinks her original Ken™ has been abducted!]

Scholarship1.png   Scholarship2.JPG
[Above and below:  This Reproduction Ken™ and Original Allan™ act as emcees for a special Scholarship Benefit evening gown competition for State U!]

NewerTuxedo.png  Scholarship3.JPG  1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_04A.png

IMG_2374.jpg  IMG_2375.jpg
[Above:  Midge™ and Allan™ at State U.  In this scene, Allan is nervous about a meeting with the Dean regarding his scholarship application. 
Midge™ does her best to reassure Allan that everything will go OK and that Allan™ has the grades and integrity to get the scholarship!]

[Above:  Four of my favorite Allans!  I did a little "sock switch" with the "Time for Tennis" outfit;
it originally comes with plain white socks, but these match the sweater colors nicely!
"Time for Tennis" also came with green sunglasses/goggles which I have but are not pictured here.]

IMG_0577.JPG  IMG_0572.JPG
[Above:  "Touchdown" Ken™ is added to the sports lineup.  He's suffering from a broken nose received in the big game!
Next to them we have Ken ™ "Going Hunting", Allan™ wearing "The Yachtsman" and the "Ken Boxing" Fashion Pak, modeled by a brunette Ken™.]

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