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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)
Kens and Allans dressed to match the art on their cases:
IMG_0908.jpg  IMG_0909.jpg

IMG_0911.jpg  IMG_0985.jpg
[Above:  (left) 1962 cases with the "Rally Day" and "Dreamboat" outfits pictured.
Above:  (right and below) The 2006 "Friday Night Dream Date" Gift Set matches the art on the case as well!]

IMG_1386.jpg  IMG_1387.jpg


 [Above and below:  1963 cases with the "Saturday Date" and "Campus Hero" outfits pictured.]

IMG_0916.jpg  1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_CampusHero.jpg

IMG_1059.jpg  IMG_1060.jpg

[Above:  "Saturday Date" featured also on the Barbie™ and Ken™ double trunks of the early to mid-60s.]

IMG_1066.JPG  IMG_1067.jpg
[Above:  Ken™ and Allan™ posing with their matching art on a Barbie™and Midge™ reproduction double case!]

Special Note:  The single Ken case from 1961 pictures only one Ken™ in an outfit that was not made by Mattel, a generic suit with a pullover sweater vest. 
Although I have this case in three colors, it is not shown here because there are no dolls in outfits that match it (Mattel did not make a sweater vest for Ken™).

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