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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)

Dolls, outfits and dioramas (continued):  (The Morning After) Guy's Night Out
IMG_1131.jpg  IMG_1132.jpg
[Above and Below:  Barbie's in New York for the weekend with Midge™, so she's let Allan™ use her Dream House. 
He invited some friends over for a late-nite poker game.

The next morning they all slept in and then leisurely got up to start their day. 
In these photos, some of the guys were already dressed, some were still in their PJ's, and one was undressing, ready to shave & take a shower...!]

IMG_1141.jpg  IMG_1133.jpg 

IMG_1136.jpg  IMG_1137.jpg  IMG_1134.jpg

 IMG_1138.jpg  IMG_1139.jpg  IMG_1140.jpg


[Above:  Another summer get-together on Barbie's patio!]

The "Barbie™ Goes To College" Playset
IMG_1198.jpg  IMG_1199.jpg  IMG_1200.jpg
[Above and below:  Allan™ takes us on a tour of State College (which became State University, then Mattel University). 
Here we get a look at the Main Campus, the outside of the Campus Sweet Shop and the Campus Drive-In Theatre!
On the following pages are photos at the Football Stadium, Campus Sweet Shop & dorm room.]

IMG_1201.jpg  IMG_1202.jpg

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