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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)

Kens and Allans dressed in their NRFB (Never Removed From Box / Card) outfits:

I thought this would make an interesting set of photos; having my Kens and Allans pose with their matching NRFB outfits.
These guys look pretty good for all being over 50 yrs. old, don't they?!]
IMG_2726.jpg  IMG_0644.jpg 

IMG_0642_2.JPG  IMG_0639.jpg

  IMG_0631_2.jpg  IMG_2717.jpg

IMG_0630.jpg  IMG_1625.jpg  IMG_0588_2.jpg

IMG_0693.jpg  IMG_0692.jpg  IMG_0691.jpg

1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_CampusHero.jpg  IMG_0710.JPG  CampusHeroM.png
[Above:  1961 Original Ken™ (left) poses with 2008 Reproduction Allan™ (right) in both versions of "Campus Hero"]

IMG_0713.jpg  IMG_0912.jpg
[Above (left) "Sleeper Set" Allan™ poses with his NRFB outfit.  The sugar bun was one of only a small number of accessories that was made of painted wax instead of plastic!
Above (right) 1963 brunette Painted Hair Ken™ models "Rally Day", complete with Mattel Road Map and tiny car keys!]

IMG_0897.jpg   1964_Ken_Booklet_Sportsman.png  IMG_2724.jpg
[Above left:  Allan™ and Ken™ pose with their "Sportsman" Pak (both wanted me to open this, but I said no . . . ).
Above right:  Handsome Allan™ stands beside his packaged Red Sewn Sweater.
Below:  brunette Flocked Hair Ken™ stands beside his "Best Foot Forward" and "Accessory Pak".  He poses again with his cord slacks in package.]

 IMG_0898.jpg  IMG_2718.jpg

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