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A magazine advertisement for Barbie™and her friends available at the time - including Allan™!

Markings and differences between the Allan™ dolls:

Differences between the 1964 Straight Leg Allan (made in Japan) and the Vintage Reproduction Allan of 2008 and 2014 (made in China):

1.  Head:  No markings on the back of the head / neck on either doll.

[Above:  Some but not all head molds are marked with a three digit number under the chin.  It's not known what this number refers to.
The number under the chin on the doll above is "219".]

[Above:  2014 Reproduction doll is on the left; Original 1964 doll is on the right.  Reproduction doll has eyes that face forward; Original doll has side-glancing eyes. 
2014 "Double Date" Reproduction doll pictured above also has the same color pink on the lips and surrounding the eyes.
2008 "Campus Sweet Shop" Reproduction doll (not pictured) and the Original 1964 Allan™ has brown instead of pink surrounding his eyes.]

2.  Inside the arm:

[Above:  Some but not all dolls are marked with a number on the inside of one of the arms (can be right or left arm, I own both). 
I've also seen dolls with these numbers under both arms.  It's not known what this number refers to.  The number under this Allan's arm above is "142 SN".]

3. Arm/hand molds

The 2008 Reproduction Allan™ doll was given Original 1961 Ken™ doll arms/hands.  These hands have a definite pronounced curve and bent to the fingers as well as face inward.  The 2014 Reproduction Allan™ doll was given the 1964 Original Allan™ doll arms/hands (the same as the 1963 Painted Hair Ken™ doll) which hands have only a slight and not as pronounced curve to them.  These are two different arm molds.  It is not known why this difference was made, except to possibly differentiate between the two Repro Allans, along with the outline of the eyes being different colors on the two dolls.

IMG_0721.jpg  IMG_0718.jpg
[Above: (left) 2008 Reproduction Allan™ hand, made from the Original 1961 Ken™ doll mold. 
Notice the curve of the fingers and the amount of space between the thumb and fingers.
(right) 2014 Reproduction Allan™ hand, made from the 1964 Original Allan™ doll mold.  Notice that the fingers are more well defined, there is less space between the fingers and the thumb, and the hand itself is not as curved as the one on the left.]

 4.  Butt markings:

Markings-repro.JPG  Markings-original.JPG
[Above:]  Reproduction doll (left) text: 
Made in China
© Mattel
1186 MJ. 1. NL

Original doll (right) text:
© 1960
Mattel, Inc.
Calif.  U.S.A.

5.  Seams

[Above:  There are visible seams around the outside of both hands on the Reproduction doll which are not present on the Original doll.]

6.  Feet

[Above:  No markings at all on the Reproduction doll (left); the word "Japan" clearly visible on the Original doll's right foot.]

7.  Wrist Tags

Wristtag2.JPG  Wristtag-1.JPG
[Above:  Original doll NRFB has wrist tag that says on front "Genuine Allan™ by Mattel"; reverse side of tag says "Ken's Buddy™" "Imported From Japan".]

[Above:  Wrist tag of Reproduction doll says the same thing on both sides, "Genuine Allan™ by Mattel".  Seam on the left hand is visible in this photo.]

8.  Other
a.  Torso mold imperfections

[Below:  This is not a "marking" as such, but something that I have noticed repeatedly on various Original Allan™ and Original straight leg Ken™ dolls from 1963-66, including ones I own.
There must have been some kind of defect in the mold process for the torso of these dolls.  There is frequently a break in the outline of the right butt cheek; sometimes there is a sharp plastic protrusion that sticks out from this as well (which could damage outfits put on the doll).  The example on the below left side is one seen most often; the one on the right side is an extreme example of this defect.  I don't know why something like this wasn't caught by Mattel's quality control; it happened way too often to just be a one-off.]

Mold-defect.png  Extreme-Mold-defect.png

b.  Lower back markings in Gift Set doll

[Below:  This does not apply to Allan™ per se, but does occur in the 2014 "Double Date - 50th Anniversary Gift Set" that his Reproduction doll is a part of.
I found both engraved and stamped markings on the back of the painted hair Reproduction Ken™ doll in this set.

These markings are:

1374HF2 (engraved on doll)
G25HF (silver stamped)
BDH36 (stamped in a darker silver; this number is the part number of this complete 4-doll set).
It is not known what the first two numbers refer to.]


#1029 Bendable Leg Allan™

Butt Markings:

© 1960
Mattel, Inc.
Calif.  U.S.A.

At this time, no other markings on the doll can be verified to see if they are also the same as the straight leg version of Allan™.

BendLegAllan.png    Bendleg3.jpg
[Above:  This doll had a new red beach jacket that was not lined.  It did have the Allan™ "A" on the left bottom corner of the jacket.
The blue swim trunks were a bit lighter in color and the same cork sandals with blue strap were included with this doll.
He was advertised "with 'lifelike' bendable legs".  Because this doll's legs could bend at the knee, the legs were made of a more rubbery material than hardened vinyl.
This made this doll (as well as the other Bend Leg doll friends) very hard to dress as a result.]

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