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Who is Allan™?

What was Allan's role in Barbie's world?

Markings and differences between the Allan™ dolls

What to look for in a NRFB (Never Removed From Box) Allan™ doll

Items unique to Allan™

Mattel Fashion Booklet Pages featuring Allan™

International and U.S. Department Store Catalog Pages featuring Allan™

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Why I like this doll and "My Allans" (Photo Gallery):
Dolls, outfits and dioramas
Allan™ Photos used on my Instagram account (@bjbear71)
"Barbie's Dream House":  (The Morning After) Guy's Night Out
 Summer Get-Together on Barbie's Patio
The "Barbie™ Goes To College" Playset

Welcoming some new incoming freshmen to State College!
 Football Stadium - The Big Game
Campus Sweet Shop
Morning in the Dorm Room
Out For An Evening. . .
The PGA Tour comes to State U!
Special award from "The Masters". . .
Cargo Carrier Meet-Up
Labor Day Cookout at Barbie's
Allan™ and Midge™ babysit Little Tikes™
A Friendship Rift story. . .
"Captain" Allan's time with Street Fighter and G.I. Joes. . .
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NRFB (Never Removed From Box / Card) Outfits

Boxed Gift Sets


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Introducing:  The Adventures of Traveling Allan™:
(a blog from a doll's point of view)

1.  Going to Work with B.J.
2.  Meeting Allan's Reproduction Twin
3.  Painted Hair Ken™
4.  Meeting a TV Star 
5.  Allan™ Goes Off on His Own
6.  Exploring the Mall with B.J.
7.  Taking a Breather at Home
8.  Back on the Road Again
9.  Going to "Barbie's Dream House":
Inside Reception
Outdoor Patio Time

 10.  My Birthday Party at the Campus Sweet Shop
11.  Meetup before Skipper's Graduation Party
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Most photos on this site are from my own collection of this doll.  The Allans covered on this site include only the original #1000 Straight Leg Allan (1964-1966), #1010 Bend Leg Allan (1965-1966), and the Vintage Reproduction Allan issued in 2008 and 2014 by Mattel within collector Gift Sets.  No other Allans (or Alan, as the name was changed to in other decades) are covered on this site. 
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