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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)

Dolls, outfits and dioramas (continued):  A Friendship Rift story. . .
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The story:  It all began when I wanted to take photos of my talking Ken dolls (photos above).  I had the original Talking Ken, Talking Busy Ken (who needs talking repair), Sweet Talkin' Ken, Life in the Dreamhouse Talking Ken & Prince Stefan.  I was able to get them all together for the photo shoot.  Everything was going so well, and THEN two original Allans showed up and positioned themselves in the photos (below).  This caused a lot of tension among the dolls; not only because the Allans were the oldest dolls, but because they weren't even talking dolls and therefore, had no place being in the photo (technically).  So harsh words were exchanged between original Talking Ken and the Allans . . .

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This caused a lot of hurt feelings among all.  Allan argued that since Repro Bubblecut Barbie and original Midge were there, that they should be there, too.  Talking Ken didn't see it that way.  So the Allans retreated to their storage case (below).  They sulked for quite a bit.  Finally, Talking Ken came around to the storage case and apologized to both Allans.  He was sorry he didn't welcome them to the photo.  Allan said that they weren't trying to barge into the photo shoot, but that it looked like so much fun that they wanted to be part of it, that's all.  Talking Ken understood and then said "Let's Go Listen to Barbie's Records".  All was now well.  THE END.

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