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"My Allans" (Photo Gallery) (continued)
Kens and Allans with their Boxed Gift Sets:

IMG_0904.jpg  IMG_0905.jpg

[Above:  (left) He did it!  Reproduction Flocked hair Ken™ gives Allan™ a high-five for the field goal, as the cheerleading squad of Barbie™ and Midge™ celebrate with him...
(right) brunette 1962 Painted hair Ken™ who is battered and bruised with the broken nose from last week walks by to see what the excitement is about!  This gift set is from 2008.]

IMG_0943.jpg    Sweet-shop-repro.png
[Above:  After the big game, there's nothing more satisfying than going to the local campus malt shop to get an ice cream soda!
Midge™ prefers strawberry while Allan™ likes chocolate!  This gift set is also from 2008.]

IMG_0944.jpg  IMG_0945.jpg
[Above:  Ken™ had his 45th Anniversary in 2006 and his 50th in 2011. 
Mattel celebrated both occasions by making a special brunette Flocked Hair Reproduction of the first Ken™. 
The 45th Anniversary edition came in a replica Original Ken™ box
while the 50th came in a larger window package with the "Victory Dance" outfit and three collector cards (one featuring Allan™!)]

IMG_0946.jpg  IMG_0948.jpg
[Above:  Comparing a 1962 Painted Hair Ken™ to the 50th Anniversary Flocked Hair Ken™. 
To the right of him, Original 1964 Allan™ makes his presence known as one of my NRFB dolls!  He also hopes he's commemorated in a gift set like this some day...]

1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_04A.jpg  1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_beachjacket.png  Allan-bookletpage.JPG
IMG_0983.jpg  IMG_3077.jpg
[Above left:  Allan™ and Flocked Hair Ken™ model the essentials of the "Victory Dance" outfit included with the 50th Anniversary set.
Above right:  Barbie gets her own 35th Anniversary Gift Set, this one pictured a special one formerly owned by a Mattel employee.
It contains a special Mattel sticker on the box front as well as a separate Certificate of Authenticity saying it was part of a Mattel event!]

IMG_0950.jpg  IMG_0949.jpg 
[Above:  (left) Two of the cards that came with the 50th Anniversary Flocked Hair Ken™. 
That art of Ken™ and Allan™ standing together on the card is the same art used on the back of some of their Original outfit boxes.
To the right we have best man Allan™ in attendance at the wedding of the year - a special 2009 Barbie™ and Ken™ Wedding Day Gift Set.]

[Above:  A flower girl (Skipper™) and ring bearer (Ricky™) join the wedding party wearing their Sunday best!]

IMG_0986.jpg  IMG_0987.jpg
[Above:  (left) Allan™ waits breathlessly for Midge™ to accompany him to the "Senior Prom"!
(right) Allan™ can't wait to go to the beach today with Midge™.  Gift set is from 1997 and was a Toys R Us exclusive.]

IMG_0952.jpg  1961_Barbie_Ken_Booklet_Dreamboat.png
[Above:  Aren't they all just dreamy?!  Here we have Barbie™ wearing "Friday Nite Date" and Ken™ wearing his "Dreamboat" outfit, both replicas of the Originals in this 2006 Gift Set.  Standing to the left of the happy couple are Original Allan™ dressed in his Reproduction Dreamboat outfit while the blonde painted hair Ken™ beside him is wearing the Original vintage outfit.  Note that the Original fashion booklet page shows this outfit with black shoes instead of brown!]

DoubleDateBox.JPG  Double-Date-Set.png  2014-barbie-gift-set-double-date-50th-anniversary-4-dolls-barbie-midge-ken-allan.jpg
 [Above:  In 2014, Mattel released a Gift Set called "Double Date 50th Anniversary Gift Set".  It was a four doll set that Allan™ was a part of!
Everyone was wearing their original swimsuits, shoes and wrist tags.]

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